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In light of the developments regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) we would like to express that our thoughts are with those affected by the virus.

This global crisis has reminded us that safety and well-being is the most crucial part of our family-focused business, and even when faced with this epidemic we will remain dedicated to providing you and your family with the very best, safest baby carriers possible.

Our webshop will remain open and we will do our best to keep you informed and connected about any changes.

Please allow for quite a bit of extra shipping time on the free regular shipping option due to airline cancellations and an overall delay in various shipping methods. We ensure that our baby carriers arrive to you as safely and swiftly as possible. The express shipping can in rare cases be delayed in by 1-2 days, but is not affected as much as the regular free shipping.

All the best for you and your family!

The Weego Team