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When can I start carrying my baby in a Baby Carrier?

You can start carrying in the Weego Baby Carrier from the first day on, as long as your baby weighs at least 2.700 g (6lbs).

If your baby weighs less, use the Weego Preemie Baby Carrier starting at a weight of 1.600g (3,5 lbs).

How long can I carry my baby for?

With newborns you should start with 10-20 minute periods and see how you and your baby feel.

Gradually extend the time and when your baby is about 2 months old, you can use it as long as you both like.

Until what age and weight can I carry my baby in the Weego Baby Carrier?

There is no strict age limit. You can carry your baby as long as your baby is happy in the Weego and not too heavy for you.

Usually this is up to 24 months in the Original Carrier and 7 months in the Weego Twin. The Original Carrier is tested up to a weight of 12 kg (25 lbs).

Can carrying my baby in a baby carrier do any harm to my baby?

Yes, but only carrying in a bad baby carrier!

It is essential for a good baby carrier to guarantee the following:
  • - Head and back of your baby have to be properly supported especially before it can hold its head up unassisted;
  • - Your baby must sit in the "human position" (spread and bent legs);
  • - Your baby must not sit in the baby carrier with a hollow back;
  • - The material must not cut into baby's arms or legs;
Unfortunately only very few baby carriers fulfil all these requirements.

With over 40 years of experience behind it, the Weego passes all the requirements. A special construction with an inner and a separate outer pouch ensures that your baby always sits comfortably and securely and that its head, neck and back are supported and that their hips and legs are always in the optimal position for healthy development.

Is it possible that my baby does not like to be carried?

Yes it is possible but extremely rare!

Most babies love to be carried. And the earlier you start carrying your baby, the easier time you will have.

However, if your baby does not like to be in the Weego from the beginning, do not give up immediately. Continue carrying even if it is fussy and try to calm it by moving rhythmically. Also, babies that are carried in a Weego for the first time when they are six to nine months old often get used to the Weego after a few tries and then like it.

My baby becomes too heavy for me after carrying it for a short time period - what can I do?

If you started carrying your baby quite late and your baby already was quite heavy at that time, you do not have the training and the muscles that a mother has who started right after birth.

Have some patience - you can build up these muscles even if you start later. Just start carrying regularly for short time periods - only as long as it is comfortable for you - and slowly increase the carrying times.

Which position is the right one for my baby?

During the first weeks the "Face-in" position is the ideal position and the best one for sleeping and snuggling. Your baby rests against your heart and can look into your face. You can also try using the Weego on your back. Riding in the "backpack-position" your baby can observe whatever you are doing, while your hands are free

"Face out" is the "exploring" position when your baby can hold its head unassisted and your baby is at least 5 month. Start taking your baby on stimulating adventures to experience the world…like to the zoo or on hikes in the woods.

Does the Weego help with excessive crying and colics?

Yes, studies show that wearing a soft carrier soothes baby and reduces crying… particularly with colicky babies.

The movements, warmth and close contact of the parent often lulls the baby to sleep and helps alleviate frustration in a new parent.

Can I nurse/breastfeed my baby in the Weego?

Yes you can!

Just proceed as follows:
  • 1. Open the comfort strap. Slightly loosen both shoulder straps;
  • 2. Take the arm on the side you want to nurse out of the shoulder strap and fold it over towards you;
  • 3. Lower your Baby in the Weego on the now "strapless" side so that your baby is in the right position for nursing;
Nursing in this position the Weego takes some weight off your arm, which is particularly helpful when you do not have a nursing pillow handy. Like this you can nurse conveniently wherever you go.

If you like to breastfeed discreetly, just open the outer pouch and pull it over babies head.

How can I use a Vista/Mastercard/Amex gift card if the amount on the gift card is less than the product chosen?

You cannot combine two credit cards at checkout (e.g. Visa gift card and credit/debit Visa card).

However, you may use your Visa gift card to buy a Weego gift card in our online shop. We offer gift cards in several amounts, and you will be able to match your Visa/Mastercard/Amex gift card amount.

Here are the steps:
  • 1. Please register your gift card with the issuing company before using it, otherwise it will not work.
  • 2. Purchase a Weego gift card in the amount of the Visa/Mastercard/Amex gift card and check out, using the credit gift card to pay. You will then receive the Weego gift card code.
  • 3. Use the Weego gift card code at checkout, and if necessary, you may now use your credit/debit card for any remaining balance needed.

How do I add Weego Products to my Amazon Baby Registry?

We do not sell on Amazon, but you can add our products to an Amazon baby registry if you follow the steps below:
  • -Open an Amazon Baby Registry.
  • -To add products from companies other than Amazon:
  • 1. Install the Amazon Assistant: https://www.amazon.com/gp/BIT
  • 2. Find a product on another website.
  • 3. Click the Amazon Assistantin your web browser.
  • 3. Click Add to Baby Registry.

Please note: for privacy issues, personal information, such as addresses or payment methods are not linked when adding our product to an Amazon gift registry. So whoever will choose to gift it will need to get the best shipping address directly from you.

Unfortunately, Amazon and other registries tend to make other products that are not sold on their site more complicated to purchase (as they wish for you to shop directly from them). Currently our baby carriers are only sold directly from us, so please forgive the inconvenience of the baby registry issue!

Please contact us in case of further questions.

How do I add Weego Products to my Babylist Baby Registry?

1. Open a new BabyList registry.
  • 2. Install Babylist button (it allows you to add any item from any online store (it works like Pinterest).
  • Extra details:
  • - In the Chrome browsers's top menu, go to "View" and make sure there's a checkmark next to "Always Show Bookmarks Bar".
  • - Drag the Babylist button to your bookmarks bar above.
  • - After you have purchased the Weego Baby Carrier, click the "Give this Gift" button again. Then click the button "I've purchased this." Be sure to finish the prompts so that the item does not still appear as available on the Registry.

I want to ask another question

Please contact our customer service via email info@weego.de or by phone +49 30 80109262 (German/English/French)