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The Weego PREEMIE Baby Carrier Plus Size

The Weego PREEMIE Baby Carrier Plus Size

The Weego PREEMIE Baby Carrier Plus Size

  • Specially designed for premature babies from 4 lbs (1.800g)
  • Unique double-pouch construction
  • Ergonomic and hip healthy for baby
  • Front- and Backpack-Carrier
  • "Grows" with the baby
  • Easy to use

The Features:

  • Specially designed for premature babies from 4 lbs (1.800g)
  • Unique double-pouch construction
  • Ergonomic and hip healthy for baby
  • Front- and Backpack-Carrier
  • "Grows" with the baby
  • Easy to use

What our customers say ...

Just had to send a picture and say thanks for making such a wonderful product. Seems the only time I can get a good rest is when the twins are fast asleep in the weego. Im not sure what Id do without it!
"My daughter is thrilled!!"
“I cannot recommend the Weego carriers enough(...) your carriers are absolutely brilliant. (...) I recently purchased your Weego Seersucker Twin carrier and am absolutely in love with it! My twins are 4 weeks old and I have been walking them to the beach, to meetings, to the grocery store… everywhere really!"
Thank you very much for the quick answer and completion of my order. I am 100000% happy with the Weego anyway and your service is so nice! My baby is now 6 months and loves the Weego. If I put it on she glances at me full of expectation and is all smiles. She regularly falls asleep and I think this proves that it is really comfortable there!
“Thank you for making such a wonderful product. We got our Weego Twin carrier yesterday and it is AMAZING. I got to carry my twin boys on a walk through the neighbourhood and it was awesome - no stroller and they were so happy to be right on Daddys chest. (…) Thank you again and Im glad we found your products.”
“My babies LOVE the twin carrier. It is the only one, that works for us! Thanks for the freedom”
“It has been a year since I purchased the Weego Twin and my twins outgrew it long ago. It is still one of those life changing purchases that I rave about. It allowed me to hold them and bond with them at the same time, which is hard to do with newborn twins without a carrier.”

The first baby carrier for prematures

The standard Weego Baby Carriers fit up to a waist circumference of 45" (approximately US size 24). If you need a larger size or are in doubt, please order our Weego Plus Size with extra long waist belt and shoulder straps to accommodate any size.

The Weego Plus Size allows for more flexibility in sizes, and is ideal in cases where one baby-wearer may be on the larger side, and the other is not (or even petite). The only difference is that all adjustable straps will be able to extend further when needed.

The Weego PREEMIE is the first baby carrier specially designed for premature infants.

Numerous studies have revealed the value of physical contact, particularly for premature babies. All over the world, Preemies are now placed on their parents' chests ("kangarooing") as an alternative to incubators.

The Weego PREEMIE takes kangarooing to the next level. It is a hands free tool that enables parents and caregivers to provide the stimulation and touch that helps little ones thrive. It is so effective in comforting premature babies that many leading neonatal intensive care units use this carrier.

With its special construction, the Weego PREEMIE can — in consultation with your child's pediatrician or other health care provider — be used with babies as small as 4 lbs. (1.800g).

Like the Weego ORIGINAL, the Weego PREEMIE features our unique double pouch system which ensures the orthopedically correct posture of your baby. It is easily adjustable as your baby grows and offers the same carrying positions as the Weego ORIGINAL. It can be used until your baby weighs about 33 lbs. (15 kg).

"Based on my own experience, I recommend using the Weego soft baby carrier in NICU applications. It provides sensory stimulation for premature neonates (visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and vibration) to support developmental gains and promote better, deeper sleep. It is a prctical tool that provides physical and psychosocial benefits to infants while easing the demands on professional staff and other caregivers."

— Nicolas Cunningham, MD, PhD., Prof.Em. Clinical Pedriatrics Columbia University, New York


Weego soft baby carriers are free from harmful and known allergenic substances. All fabrics are manufactured and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products. Zippers, buttons and snaps are in highest quality by YKK ® and certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for baby products.

The Weego PREEMIE is made of light blue and white striped Seersucker (65% Cotton, 35% Polyester) which makes it comfortable in heated Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

All Weego Baby carriers come with three snap-in bibs which protect the upper part of the baby carrier so that you will not have to wash it so often.


The Weego PREEMIE complies with the EN13209-2:2005 safety standard for baby carriers.

Machine Washable

The Weego PREEMIE is easy to machine wash at low temperature. Wash separately with a mild, bleach-free detergent and low spin cycle after closing all Velcro and buckles. It can be tumble dried at low temperature.


Download the instructions for use as a pdf here or click here for watching our instructional videos.

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